Our chatbot enables brands to provide personal recommendations to customers that match their unique travel plans


Increase in conversion
on average

Screenshot of WayBlazer chatbot in Facebook Messenger

Engage your customers wherever they might be. Leverage popular messaging platforms to make the most personalized travel recommendations

Consumers expect personalized recommendations and communication from the brands they love. And they expect to get it anywhere, at any time. Don’t rely on your customers coming to you directly, go to them in the places they are every day.

Start a conversation with them and let them tell you what they’re looking for. WayBlazer’s Facebook Messenger bot quickly understands the customer’s trip intent, and dynamically personalizes the result. Your customers find what they’re looking for much faster, convert more often, and appreciate feeling understood.

Screenshot of chatbot on a mobile device Screenshot of chatbot on a mobile device

Here's what our Facebook Messenger bot can do for you


Reach your customers wherever they might be and give them the convenience they crave.

Instant gratification

Provide an instant, one to one shopping experience for every person who engages with you.

Personalized eCommerce

Personalize hotel recommendations, including the images, for a frictionless planning process.

Brand affinity

Drive increased brand loyalty by helping your customers feel understood.


Extract valuable data from each interaction to understand how guests are searching.

Brand marketing

Provide a rich brand experience before someone ever visits your website.