Rethink How You Advertise.
Engage Your Audience with a Conversation.

Conversational commerce deployed in a digital ad unit powered by WayBlazer’s travel recommendation engine.

In a recent branding campaign for Emirates Vacations our chatbot ads delivered

87% boost in engagement compared to standard display ads

45% decrease in the effective cost of their campaign

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Static Digital Ads Are Old News 1:1. Interactive, Conversational Digital Ads Get Results

Traditional digital ads are dying. Consumers are turning them off; they don’t want to be fed information anymore. Instead, they want a conversation. Real engagement before guests even know they want to take a trip is the next wave. And it looks like chatbot ads.

Wayblazer’s chatbot ads make quick sense of what guests say they want (using AI) and return results that are tailored to each request. This means you dynamically merchandise your products, giving them more of what they really want while also gathering important information. Most importantly, you do the heavy lifting for the guest, making travel shopping more efficient and fun. The way it should be.

Examples of WayBlazer's Chatbot Ads

Here's what chatbot ads can do for you

Automate personalized ads by reducing the time it takes creating dozens of ads.

Enable anyone who sees your ad to explore your products without disrupting their browsing experience.

Retarget sessions from your site to personalize the ad based on the guest’s behavior and intent.

Provide an instant, one to one brand experience for every person who sees your ad.

Extract valuable data from each chatbot ad session to understand how guests are searching.

Provide a rich brand experience before someone ever visits your website.